Million Miles Away (Neon Motion Remix)

Dj Fuel

Tom and Alex met through the University of Newcastle about a year ago. Both always had a passion for music and one being a DJ and the other being a producer, it made sense for this friendship to form. Tom had been a drummer since he was young and Alex had been self-teaching himself production for the last 8 years. Over the years they both started DJing and Clubbing more as well as experimenting with music together. Tom had already been DJing at events and clubs for a while, so he helped bring Alex into the scene. Tom taught him how to DJ and taught him more about music production, teaching him Ableton Live as well as FL Studio. In early 2021, both of them decided to start doing music officially together under the name JVNUS. They released a few unofficial remixes however were having doubts about the name. After a few months, the duo decided to rebrand to “Neon Motion”. This fits their theme and they decided to run with it. During 2021 they met several artists they started to work with, such as Raptures, Andrew A, Luude, DJ Fuel, Djanaba, and many more, showcasing their love for collaboration and working with other people.

Neon Motion

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