Shiralee Coleman, Daniel Tonik

When Shiralee and Daniel first started working on their new release, they envisioned that the storyline for the track was about exactly as the title suggests: DESIRE It focuses on that one person that we all have in our minds.  The music matches the build-up, the emotion, and the anticipation that you feel in this situation.  The track is a hybrid melodic house x dance track, and it tells a story of heartbreak, lust, love, and desire.

Shiralee Coleman first heard of Daniel Tonik when she was listening to ‘The Party Life Radio Show,’ where his song ‘Retrospect’ was featured as ‘Track of the Week.’ Falling in love instantly with both the sound and the lyrics, she knew she had to hear more.  Shiralee and Daniel met soon after and this was the start of the collaboration for ‘Desire.’ Since DJing together on Seadeck and their strong music connection, the pair started working on ‘Desire in December 2020.

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