Million Miles Away (Balix Remix)

Dj Fuel

BALIX is the brainchild of Alex Brien, a resident of the city of Newcastle, Australia who’s been busy perfecting his own sound rooted in Deep House – Future House. Drawing inspiration from various artists like Meduza, Kream, Alok, and Brooks, he began releasing his own music on Spotify and other platforms in 2020, after starting out as a DJ.

A self-taught musician, BALIX is always experimenting with sound, through his work in the studio, DJing, or playing various gigs at clubs and festivals. He’s been making a name for himself with strong hooks and powerful vocals being the key focus of his tracks.

Alex found a passion for music at an early age and describes music as a feeling you can’t get anywhere else. The energy and positive vibe music creates is everlasting. After starting to DJ in 2018, Alex started experimenting with different genres of music and his music production journey began.

Look out for more music to be released in 2022 as BALIX plans to expand his horizons regarding sound and design with original music and remixes.


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