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DJ Fuel

It was clear that George would work in Music in some capacity from early on. As a kid, listening to the radio he could pick which new songs would go on to be number 1. He would sit & record songs trying not to get the radio host’s voice on the intro & outro. Little did George know, he was taking his first steps into becoming a DJ, creating his own mixtapes. As a teenager, George played the Drums & at 16, after coming across a set of decks would learn how to DJ. He practiced often to master the craft. Then came the bookings to DJ parties. Soon after, the weekly trips to Sydney, bringing records back to Newcastle from the iconic Central Station Records & One Stop. 

Once George hit 18, the owner of the hottest club in town approached him to play a 2hr set, which after a few weeks turned into all-night sets (7hr sets) this then lead to DJing across more of the venues he owned. Production was next, collaborating with other producers, vocalists, songwriters, & learned quick smart, what elements it took to make great music. George’s passion for music, extended to his love of performing & over the past 5-10 years the business behind it. Dj Fuel has been a part of the Dance Music scene in Newcastle for the past 20+ years. Working in radio for almost 10 Years (with his weekly radio show ‘The Party Life’) as well as managing venues & Dj residencies at King Street Hotel. George has decided to fuse his passion for Music & Media by starting his own Record Label Pumping Records.

Live Streaming available through between 5-6pm (AUS EST) every Thursday or catch the Podcast on iTunes or

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