Electronic Dance Musi, House Music, Trance music from Australias latest independate record label

The epitome of fresh, Carson Dodd the young tastemaker of Newcastle is not one to be denied of a searing future in electronic music from the East Coast of Australia and beyond. With an unshakable devotion to Vocal Dance Music in all its forms, Carson ruptures the generation in two, making it known that the music he delivers to the people comes from a very bona fide place. Wading in the production pool with an inspiration to light up the studio, the melodic ability in the music he shares ghosts the attitude and the success of Calvin Harris, David Guetta & Don Diablo.

Spreading his wings across a multitude of Dance music fusions at his hometown club hub of King Street in Newcastle, the sound he travels with ripples outward and has very quickly created the Carson Dodd status.

At such a raw age, the talent drawn from the bright spark of Carson Dodd carries amplified potential where eyes and ears of those in the know are attentive to the young gun. Musically engulfed within his home town where his electronic love hurls from, Carson, is travelling at lightening speeds on the road ahead




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